Portugal wins Scandinavian Footvolley Tour in Oslo


This weekend Oslo was the host of Scandinavian Footvolley Tour. In an exciting final between Portugal and Spain, Portugal managed to win 2-0. We had all kinds of weather but all the players was very satisfied with the tournament.

VIDEO: See first set from the final
VIDEO: See second set from the final


This is the first time Oslo and the Norwegian Footvolley Assosiation has hosted an international tournament. Everything went as planned and the quality of the games were high. We do not have big sponsors or many volunteers, but all the players chipping in and that makes all the difference. The response from the players have been very good and we hope to do this again next year.

With the help from our friends at the local sandvolleyball club (Oslo Sandvolleyball Club) we were able to have the tournament at Voldsløkka, Oslo.


Most players arrived at friday and immediately went to the courts to try them out. The weather and temperature was great, as it has been in Oslo for the last six weeks. Friday was also the last day of the three-day training camp with Pedro and Bruno from Portugal. Some players joined a few sessions while others just played some games.

Later that night there was a BBQ next to the courts and most important - the tournament draw. The draw was based on an unofficial seeding of the teams done by the organizers. Probably not entirely correct, but close enough.


After the draw the players were driven back to the hotel. Some players went to bed and others went to down town Oslo for some drinks and bird watching.


The players were picked up at the hotel around 9 a.m. and shuttled to the courts. The organizers prepared four courts for the group games. At 10 a.m. we started and the competition was on. After a few hours the weather changed to the worse. A storm cloud came and gave us some good entertainment. We suddenly had ourselves a tropical storm in Oslo. The wind also picked up and a football goal from the field by the courts blew into the sand courts at some point. Luckily we were all safely under roof at that time. All of this was - of course - part of our plan to show our visitors all the aspects of being in Norway :)


After a while the storm passed and we could start playing again. By the time the quarter finals started it had stopped raining and the conditions were great. 8 teams were ready for the quarter finals; Spain vs Norway 4, Norway 1 vs Italy, Portugal vs Brasil and Holland vs Norway 2.

Even with the rain delay we were able to play all the games within the scheduled times and we finished the last games around 5 p.m.

PICTURES: see all the pictures taken by Øyvind Kvangardsnes

Once again we shuttled the players back to the hotel to relax for some hours before the banquett. At 9 p.m. we all (almost) met up at the local restaurant/nightclub called Lawo Terrasse for food and drinks. In total we were 32 persons at the banquett. They served us an amazing grill platter and local beer. A few hours later the club was packed with people and blond girls :)

After that it is not easy to remember what happened, but the next morning the alarm clock rang at 8 a.m. and I was ready for the finals.


Tired, a little hung over and greeted with amazing weater, we started the tournament at 11 a.m. on sunday morning. After the first day there were only 4 teams left in the semi finals; Portugal vs Holland and Spain vs Italy. First team to play was Spain vs Italy, where Spain won 2-0 (18-13, 18-9) in a well played and entertaining game. The second semi final was between Portugal and Holland. Portugal came out with a 2-0 (18-14, 18-16) win in a close game.

Before we started with the final we had to decide the third place with a game between Holland and Italy. Holland proved the strongest team and won 2-0 (18-9, 18-10).


The final was between Portugal and Spain - two teams which impressed throughout the tournament with their good technique and smart play. The nice weather attracted more spectators than the day before and the atmosphere was great.

In the first set Spain came out strong and took an early 4-2 lead. Spain kept the lead at the next side switch at 7-5 and also with a 10-8 lead at the next side switch. However, at the next side switch the score was 12-12 and Portugal played a solid game and came out with a 18-15 win in the first set.

The second set was very similar to the first set, and in the end Portugal came out with a win 18-14. We congratulate Portugal, with Pedro and Bruno, with the win. Hopefully they can come back next year to defend the title.

The three first teams won merchandise from Macron:

  • First prize: value NOK 7500
  • Second prize: value NOK 5000
  • Third prize: value 2500


We are greatfull for all the players who made it possible to organize such a good tournament. We hope you had a good time in Norway and that you all want to come back next year.